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@norrinradd  -Procrastination and lack of follow through are a huge part of ADD. It’s my number one problem. I have at least 4 sketch books half filled with half finished sketches. I haven’t managed to do any real artwork for years. But in my case that is partly due to depression, and sometimes the medication I take for depression. I feel much less creative on certain meds.

@wanderquest – Your house sound a lot like mine. My dad started some renovation projects about 10 years ago that still aren’t done. I tried a few times after he stopped to get some of it done. But I was very sick at the time and didn’t have the energy. And then both of us just kind of forgot. I don’t even know where all the tiles and paint and stuff is now.

And every now and then I think of something else I want to start. Like the other day I really, really wanted to rip up the hallway carpet and go out and buy some tiles to put down. It’s one of those things I have “been meaning to do” for a long time. But I managed to talk myself out of it because I would have ended up just making a worse mess than what I already have to deal with.

I have yarn and fabric and beads and bobbles stashed all over the house too. Every now and then I find something and think “oh yeah, I was going to make a necklace with those…”

@kc5jck– I second the motion on the avatar. That horse could give people nightmares. And thanks for providing that excellent list of strategies for dealing with procrastination.  I might get around to using some of them…..someday.