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Blackdog I am so there with you. It takes so darned much effort to get going “on a roll” and is so very easy for someone else to bring you to a screeching halt. I think we’re more sensitive to criticism too where others may just shrug it off quickly and move on. I have to keep reminding them how hard it is to get going with something, and you’d think they’d know by know how easily I can get sidetracked if they interrupt my flow … [sigh]…

My home office doesn’t have a door I can lock. I have a green cap I wear when I’m programming – that works very well as a visual reminder to them not to disturb me when I’m deeply entrenched.  I’m thinking maybe I will actually use the aprons that were my mom’s in the same way when I am working around the house and they are home.

Good for me DH and kids often have scouts or sports keeping them busy. Maybe you can assign something for him/them to do before you get started. Something that will keep them relatvely busy in another part of the house or away. I know hubby needs to work on his jeep this week-end, I have reminded him first thing, so it will be a good time for me to tackle our bedroom for example.