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These kind of discussions are what make Totallyadd.com so great. The assessment tests are kinda vague. Reading personal experiences of others is what helps you see specific examples of the kinds of things ADHD can lend itself to.

I’ve always thought I had a short attention span, but it really never donned on me that it could actually be ADHD until I started reading forums on websites like this and read personal accounts of others. That’s what turned on the light bulb for me.

I TOO leave coffee cups around the house only to find them ice cold hours later. I TOO stop in mid-sentence and have no clue what I was fixing to say. I TOO often go to the store and forget the one thing I actually went for. And I don’t just do these things sometimes. It’s a lot. A whole lot.

It really gives you some perspective and a sense of community. You’re not alone, you’re not crazy, and there are ways to deal with it once you figure out the root.