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Examples of inattentativeness

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    blackdog LOL

    kind of stuff i do as well, for example i am putting away the dishes from the dishwasher and i tell myself DONT CLOSE THE DOOR DONT CLOSE THE DOOR.. and what do I do? i freaking close the door.


    i so often forget words, thats one of my main problems like i would have a great idea to say or write and BANG all of the sudden i cant remember what i was about to say or write, its so annoying lol


    I should keep a journal of all the crazy things i do lol yesterday when i read all the post i finally realized that yeah i have ADD i do the freaking same things all the time since my teen years.

    I feel less alone now 🙂 And i feel less guilty about taking meds, thank god!


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    These kind of discussions are what make Totallyadd.com so great. The assessment tests are kinda vague. Reading personal experiences of others is what helps you see specific examples of the kinds of things ADHD can lend itself to.

    I’ve always thought I had a short attention span, but it really never donned on me that it could actually be ADHD until I started reading forums on websites like this and read personal accounts of others. That’s what turned on the light bulb for me.

    I TOO leave coffee cups around the house only to find them ice cold hours later. I TOO stop in mid-sentence and have no clue what I was fixing to say. I TOO often go to the store and forget the one thing I actually went for. And I don’t just do these things sometimes. It’s a lot. A whole lot.

    It really gives you some perspective and a sense of community. You’re not alone, you’re not crazy, and there are ways to deal with it once you figure out the root.


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    While trying to study I like to have a glass of water, light a candle, grab a blanket and get comfy. I was trying to be in the present and learn something, but I was failing. I became aware of how bad I was failing at being attentive when I tried to drink my candle.


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    Oooh….I hope you realized it was the candle before you took a drink. 😯

    I do that kind of thing all the time too. If I’m sitting with someone I will pick up their drink instead of mine. And I will try to drink out of a bottle without taking the cap off.

    And if I had a nickel for every great idea I forgot just as I was about to write it down….I’d have at least $2 by now. Maybe even $4.

    It does help to be able to read about the experiences of others. It’s difficult to have perspective when you have nothing for comparison. And it’s easy to get trapped in your own head.

    I will be going for assessment soon. My doctor agreed to refer me today.  I’m a little nervous. There is still a part of me that doesn’t believe the whole thing, that thinks it’s just an excuse. Or that there is another cause, that it’s not really ADD.  Or that I will screw it up and not get the right result because I have trouble remembering things and expressing myself well. So it’s good to be able to get ideas from others, to be able to read these examples and say “oh yeah, I do that.”


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    Yes, I recognize myself in all of these posts!  Leaving coffee in the microwave to reheat because I had forgotten all about it, only to find it there the next day, etc.

    I’ve got a few serious examples involving vehicles.  Years ago, I had my truck up at a pasture with my dogs.  One of them wouldn’t come when I called her, so I got in the truck to feign driving away; when she started coming, I got out of the truck to catch her up and put her in…except, I forgot to put it in park when I got out, and it drove off into a tree!  About a month ago, I was moving the truck for some reason (don’t remember why), got out for some reason (don’t remember why) and away it drove!  I had left the door open so was able to run and catch up to it and smash the break pedal down with my hands just short of it crashing!

    On another occasion years ago,  I drove the truck through an open gate onto a muddy road that was on an incline.  The truck lost traction and couldn’t move forward, so I thought I better back it up through the gate.  I had gotten out to look at the tires for some reason, so when I backed up, the door got caught on the gate post and hyperextended, causing much damage!  And low and behold, I did the exact same thing again not six months ago!

    Another one with the truck was when I was hauling a 5th wheel trailer that I was parking at a campground.  I unhitched the trailer from the truck bed, got in the truck to pull forward, and suddenly discovered that I had forgotten to put the tailgate down!  Totally mangled the tailgate!  I also pulled that trailer down a narrow, tree-lined driveway, with it’s windows open, such that the windows got torn off!  I’ve caused us a lot of financial damage over the years with these stupid, inattentive incidences!  I know there are more examples, just can’t remember them right now LOL!


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