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Sally Ann was exploring for a few minutes before walking into the living room to find our long-haired, white and deaf cat enjoying a new adventure!

Too funny!

We now have three cats all living together with my wife and I….it’s a source of entertainment, sometimes frustration with hairballs and the odd “surprise” but it’s better than me having to deal with kids.

We had decided 18 years ago that kids were not in our future. One because she claims to have zero instincts or desire to raise a child, two, because I have said, and still do to this day, I am too immature to have had children. Now that I have an ADHD diagnosis, it’s likely related to that part. To think that at 49 I could have a 29 year old offspring, mind shattering! I’d likely be a better “friend” than “father” which is another reason not to procreate.

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