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Hey @daramore. Hang in there, it may not be as impossible as you think.

I just did a Google search for ADHD support in Colorado.  There is a CHADD support group in Denver. You could try calling or e-mailing them to start with. They should be able to give you some advice. There are also a couple of psychiatrists who specialize in ADHD in Denver.

You can find a list on this website: http://www.coacharell.com.

I hope that helps.

You could also try http://www.optumhealthnewmexico.com. You might find something closer to you on their site.

I found that site a little hard to navigate. There don’t seem to be a lot of resources for people with ADD  in New Mexico. At least not that I can find. But you could also try http://www.therapists.psycologytoday.com to see if there is anyone near you on their list.

That is about the best I can do. Maybe someone else closer to you can provide some more specific advice.