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  • daramore

    Hey everyone, I feel that I do need to get diagnosed to see if I do have ADD or not, but I live in Southwest Colorado (in Durango area) and sure, I can find psychologists and psychiatrists here, but when I research them, either nothing comes up, or poor review things come up, and I don’t know what to do. Can anyone recommend someone in Colorado or New Mexico or something that’s somewhat close that can diagnose and treat ADD. I don’t have money enough for hotels so I need someplace close enough that I can be there and back in the same day without killing myself.

    I need someone who really cares because I’ve had enough with people who pretend to care so long as you’re giving them a check. Also, if they take Medicaid, that would be awesome, but if not, I’ll find the cash somehow. I just really need some help!

    Sheesh, I feel like I just asked for an airline ticket to the moon. No wait, that would be more possible than what I’m asking for, but I still hope that there’s someone out there who can help.


    Hey @daramore. Hang in there, it may not be as impossible as you think.

    I just did a Google search for ADHD support in Colorado.  There is a CHADD support group in Denver. You could try calling or e-mailing them to start with. They should be able to give you some advice. There are also a couple of psychiatrists who specialize in ADHD in Denver.

    You can find a list on this website: http://www.coacharell.com.

    I hope that helps.

    You could also try http://www.optumhealthnewmexico.com. You might find something closer to you on their site.

    I found that site a little hard to navigate. There don’t seem to be a lot of resources for people with ADD  in New Mexico. At least not that I can find. But you could also try http://www.therapists.psycologytoday.com to see if there is anyone near you on their list.

    That is about the best I can do. Maybe someone else closer to you can provide some more specific advice.


    hello daramore,

    Bad reviews are subjective, just as good ones are. I have been to several docs that have gotten excellent reviews, that I can’t stand to be with for more than 30 sec. I am currently seeing one doc, that has consistently gotten poor reviews, because she talks too fast and doesn’t spend much time with her patients…. Hello? ADD here. This sounds perfect to me!

    We get along great, we even tell each other jokes. Sure she talks quickly, but not NEARLY quick enough for me.

    Moral of the story? Find someone that works for you. They work well for other people, or they wouldn’t be in business.  If they don’t work for you, get what you need from them, and find someone else for your long term care. It makes no sense at all to delay your treatment in the short term, because you can’t find a doc will work with you for the long term… if that makes sense.


    Thank you both for your suggestions and insight, I will put it to good use!

    @blackdog Thanks for those resources!

    @shutterbug55 Thanks for the perspective, and that’s true enough.


    No problem. It gave me something to do. 🙂

    Sometimes it’s easier to help others than it is to help ourselves. And it’s nice to pay it forward.

    Good luck. I hope you find what you need.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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