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Patte Rosebank
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@Cbirgel, please be very careful about basing any decisions about medication, on a mass-media article that’s (once again) trying to sell papers by promoting the idea that “meds are evil and turn people into zombies”.

It seems to me that what the article is really saying is, “We need to do more to nurture creativity and independent thinking.” The “ADHD meds” angle seems like click-bait, and the purpose of that article is solely to sell papers and get online “clicks”. It has nothing to do with actually helping people.

Remember, each person’s experience is different.

Einstein was a very high-functioning person, so he didn’t need meds. I’m high-functioning too, but I get a lot less done if I don’t take my meds to help keep me on-track. And Rick Green has often said that he’d been worried that meds would take away his creativity, but discovered that they actually enhanced it, because now he’s able to actually use more of his ideas…and ideas are useless if you can’t turn them into something.

What’s your experience been like? What was your life like without the medication? Don’t just rely on your own memory. Ask your friends and family, and see what they say. And if they do say that you’ve become zombie-like, or lost your creativity, then perhaps it just means that your current medication isn’t right for you, and you & your doctor need to try something else.

One more thing: Considering the events of the past week, the last sentence of the WSJ article takes on a rather chilling new meaning:

But she believes a child on Ritalin is less likely to be the next great dot-com pioneer or even a Robin Williams-like comic.