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Thank you pinkdex, I’m so happy to get such a positive response to what I’m doing!

It’s a lot easier to post your issues online anonymously. I’d never be able to do it with my real name on it, since it’s so personal and it’s all really something I’ve felt is totally humiliating through my entire life. It’s all something I’ve never ever talked to anyone about. And I feel better now that I’ve written it down. And somehow this stuff starts to seem not so horrible anymore.

I’m aware of the human capability to be pigs online, but I’m ready for all that. I’ve got years of online experience, and I’ve seen it all! It might be harder to deal with since it’s such personal experiences, but I’ll handle it somehow if anyone starts becoming hostile. I won’t be discouraged!

And about the guilt, boy do I know how you feel. I feel guilty about EVERYTHING. No matter what happens, even if it’s not even my fault, I’ll feel guilty about it.

But in happy news, I’m going to a psychiatrist tomorrow so finally I’ll get a professional opinion! I’m really really excited! And nervous at the same time hah.