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Oh no, it is definitely not just you.

Sometimes figuring out what to eat seems like so much work I just don’t bother. I feel hungry, walk to the fridge and open it, stand there staring at the contents for a few moments, then just shut the door and walk away. Either that or grab whatever happens to be in my line of sight that doesn’t require washing, peeling, chopping, cooking etc.

I only cook dinner because I have other people to feed and even then it’s almost always whatever I decide on at the moment, when they start asking “what’s for dinner?”. I have tried to make meal plans, so that I can budget the grocery money more carefully and cut back on waste, but it never works.

When I first started taking medication my doctor asked me if it was helping and I said I thought it was. Then he said “Well, how do you know? Have you challenged yourself at all?”

It was at that moment that I realized just how little he understands about ADHD.

My first challenge of the day is waking up when my alarm goes off. The next is actually getting out of bed, without hitting snooze 6 times. Then I have to figure out what day of the week it is, if there is a reason I set my alarm for this time, if there is somewhere I need to be…. Then there is showering, brushing my teeth and hair, making coffee, getting something to eat (if I remember to eat), taking my meds (if I remember), remembering if I took my meds or not… etc., etc….By the time I’m done all that, I’m ready to go back to bed again. And my day hasn’t even really begun.