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Thank you so much for your reply. I seen the family doctor today and he is reluctant as I am also regarding changing doses without the psychiatrist being involved. I might just have to wait for him after all. I’m pretty sure I can make do till than. I tried to get him to at least give me the 10mg 3 times a day but he wouldn’t do that either.

I’m wondering about other options too like aderall. I have a feeling some days the ritalin is responsible for my anxiety. I don’t get anxiety attacks, but just that initial feeling of something happening even though I may just be biking or walking calmly with no reason to be anxious. It’s not a fun feeling when it goes on for half the day.

I have this problem that I’ve had my whole life, but it seems to be more tame on ritalin where I over think feelings, ideas, thoughts, or events. Just seem to over think everything. This if not caught on time spirals out of control. I do thought defusing meditation that does help during the meditation, but throughout the day thoughts are not easily defused from intense sensitive feelings. But again the ritalin has helped with this tremendously.

So I guess I wonder if there are options that might have less anxiety type affects to them. My hope is to take meds for at least a year, but I want to implement strategies into my life that will now deal with the ADD now that I know it’s what I’m dealing with. I was living a life that was not helping my ADD only making it worse and causing frustration in my life. Now I feel in time I could learn to work with it and find success.

I’m the type of person that takes everything serious, sometimes too serious. So I am daily doing things trying to make sure it helps rather than hinders change. I exercise, play sports, meditation daily and eat healthy. Problem is I take this too serious sometimes to the point that I over think everything I eat or do. I guess you can say I hyperfocus on my disorder (ADD/Anxiety/Depression) to the point that I don’t allow myself to accept, feel, and let go. I live inside the disorder and it’s not fun being there.

Again than you so much for your reply. Appreciate it.