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Hi rollinggcloudd!

Welcome to the Forum.

As far as I know, it takes time to adjust to medications, so nothing peculiar there.

It can be indeed disorienting to respond differently to what basically are the same surroundings and stimuli.

Concentra took away a great deal of my appetite, which was quite strange for me (never been a compulsive eater, but I’ve always enjoyed food)

A thought: one of the reasons we take meds is to help us cope with the issues ADD brigs about in our lives, with our loved ones or our jobs.

ADD is not the ISSUE PER SE, but only when it interferes with some activities, so we end up losing our jobs, our friends or our money.

If I were a well-off bachelor rock-star touring the world stages, probably my ADD wouldn’t constitute a problem and I wouldn’t bother even thinking about it (if I were to know I had it) because it would suit my lifestyle.


Not knowing what your problems were BEFORE, how you came to suspect having ADD, or why you were diagnosed, it’s hard to give any advice.

Anyway, thanks for sharing and for speaking up. There is no such thing as a stupid question around here.