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Hi @rollinggcloudd, welcome. 🙂

You’ve come to the right place. Whether you need serious advice, a shoulder to cry on, or just want to be silly and have some fun, you’ll find it all here. (but please, no conversations about Barney. you can’t be that desperate!)

It’s impossible to give you any specific advice about medicatoion because everyone reacts differently. But one month may not be long enough to know if the  Vyvanse is going to work for you. It can sometimes take several weeks to start to really feel the effects of a medication. You also need to find your optimum dosage,   which will take a little fiddling.

It actually sounds like it’s working the way it should. Not having any side effects is a good thing. You won’t really “feel” it working, but it will give you the ability to focus and concentrate better. It’s up to you to use that focus wisely.

I also take Vyvanse, for a little more than a year now. For me it doesn’t seem to be working very well, but that may be my fault. I am lousy at self regulating and self disciplining. I will sit on the couch playing Candy Crush all day while the dishes pile up in the sink, the snow piles up outside,  and I’m still paying $45/month for a cell phone that I lost 3 months ago because I keep forgetting to call Rogers (need to make a note about that one. again).

A couple of  tips that might help: Take the Vyvanse early in the morning, no later than  7:00 am, and at the same time every day. Try to get a full night’s sleep and eat a breakfast that includes some protein. Try to eat regularly throughout the day and drink plenty of water and avoid too much caffeine and sugar. In other words, do all the things that ADDers are notorious for not doing. 😉