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@gforcewarp9 I contacted my friend in BC and this is what she sent me:

The local CHADD group:

And this is a clinic that offers therapy for ADHD


I know you can’t afford a coach, but try contacting the CHADD group and see if they can give you any assistance. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to call the clinic and just inquire about prices. They may be able to help you out with some kind of payment plan or something.

I know exactly what you mean with the craft show. I do the same thing. Every year at the beginning of December I start thinking about doing some Christmas crafts. But it’s a little late by then.

The really amazing thing is how much I can get done once I do start. Not so much now that I’m older. I’m finding that I’m a lot slower now. But I used to be able to throw together a bunch of homemade decorations in minutes as soon as inspiration struck. Maybe nothing good enough to sell but good enough to get me comments like “wow, you made that yourself?”

A little off topic, but last Valentine’s day I forgot to get something for my husband. I was planning to go out the morning of the 14th and get some stuff. But I woke up in the morning and I was really sick. I could barely manage to stay on my feet for a few minutes at a time.

So I ended up making a gift from things that were in the living room, hiding it under my blanket every time I heard him coming. I made the card with the packaging from a Valentine’s decoration, some ribbon, paper, markers, and I think some glitter. And I took a box of Christmas candy that I had bought on sale in January and transferred the candy into a heart shaped cookie tin and tied the red ribbon from the box it was in around the tin and made a tag for it.  He was so surprised when I gave it to him.  He couldn’t figure out how I had managed to do it.

Anyway…The idea of having a buddy to help keep you on track is a good one. Maybe someone who is good at running a business. Also, it sounds like having deadlines would help you a lot.  I know how hard it is to stay on track. I get that feeling like I need someone to hold my hand and take me through it step by step too. I’m amazed that you did all that sewing. I find sewing much too complicated.

Another suggestion is to focus on only one thing- hats or shirts or dresses. Pick the one thing that is the easiest and fastest to make, something that won’t stress you and frustrate you too much. Then make it a habit, like sdwa said. Work on it every day and get into a routine. It will give you a sense of accomplishment because you are getting something done and you can see your progress. I always find progress to be a great motivator. When I can see clearly that I am getting somewhere then it inspires me to go further.

And you have to start fresh. Throw away all those old failures and disappointments. And forget about the potential. Don’t pressure yourself to do things just because you are supposed to be able to. Focus on the present and figure out what the first step is. The rest will come with time.

I hope there is something in there that is helpful to you. I’m not having a very good day so I’m a little scattered.