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@bigchi, welcome to TADD 🙂

I’m glad the antidepressants and stuff about cognitive distortions helped you. I personally don’t care for CBT and don’t find antidepressants much use. But that is probably because my main problem right now is not depression.


No worries, I was just saying how those kind of comments have the same affect on me

“do you have any friends who could help organize your house?” Gawd No! I hate having people go through my stuff and hate even more being told what to do with it. And especially not anyone I know right now. My only friend who lives near by is a Type A uber organizer who freaks out if the dishes aren’t put in the dishwasher just right. Needless to say we clash. A lot.

I know it’s hard to get a job now without some kind of diploma or degree. And making a living as an artist isn’t really possible for most people, even with a degree. Only a lucky few ever make enough money off of their art that they don’t have to work another job to pay the bills.

Making the “wrong” choices is something that happens to most people with ADHD as we try to figure out how to fit into a world that isn’t made for us.