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@blackdog, I still get depressed and still have all the ADHD crap with the meds. The hardest part is finding a something that helps and sticking with it. Honestly, I had read that book I suggested started using some of it. Then I forgot about it. I just found the book again and started using it again (last couple days). If I could stay consistent with this stuff, life would be so much easier. I don’t know about you guys but it gets tiring constantly looking for something to fix all my problems.

@gforcewarp9, as far as cleaning your place. Try inviting someone over to your place, but set it up for a couple days later. That way you have the extra pressure to clean up your house. I’ve also tried using a timer and see how fast I can do things. That sometimes helps.

I adopted a dog a few months ago and I’m fostering another dog. They really help out. They are always happy to see me. It feels pretty good to have them around.

To make new friends I suggest checking out meetup.com

Good Luck!