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I am the single ADD mom of a ADD daughter (8) and non-ADD son (10).
A lot of times I feel overwhelmed and pressured when it comes to taking care of my children. There are so many things that seems to be expected by teachers, doctors, ‘society’….
Ofcourse there is homework (my daughter needs my help with this and it takes quite some time), then both kids ‘should’ read about 20 min. every day (my son doesn’t like it, my daughter has a hard time with it, she might have dyslexia as well).  Then there are computer programs that the school is suggesting the kids use to help them with math and reading. My daughters ADD-dr. told us to typ a lot using the computer, to write stories. We also do karate about 4 times a week, which takes up at least an hour every time we go.
I also need to get them to bed on time so they won’t be too tired the next day. I need to make sure I have healthy, homecooked food for them to eat (yes, keeping an eye on the food guidelines).

I work at home, have a home daycare. I work till 6:30 every day. My daughter usually wants to wait till then to do her homework, so the noise of the other children doesn’t bother her, but by then her meds are wearing off and she gets easily frustrated and emotional (which in turn sets me off too).
How do I fit it all in? How do I get over the guilt feeling when something doesn’t get done (and I’m not even talking about doing my own stuff…dishes, cleaning, folding laundry).