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Sorry you haven’t gotten any replies to your question. I think everyone is busy with their holiday celebrations.

I can’t really give you much advice since I have never been pregnant and only just started taking 20mg of Vyvanse. I can definitely relate to the worsening symptoms during that PMS week. I used to wonder why it was that I seemed to get so dopey and forgetful when that didn’t seem to really be a symptom of PMS. At one time I thought it was because I needed more iron but blood tests showed that I didn’t.

I can imagine from how bad that PMS week is that pregnancy must really be making your symptoms worse. The only thing I can say is make sure you are getting enough rest and eating properly and try to take it easy as much as you can. But you already know all that. Is there any way you can cut back on your work load a little?

i think I had something else to say when I started this but I’m too distracted right now and I can’t remember.