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Patte Rosebank
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Being able to laugh helps a lot!

When I can step back and look at a situation from another angle (or several angles), I’ll usually find something funny in it. If not immediately, then later on…sometimes MUCH later on.

I was bullied mercilessly as a kid, so, even now, when I hear random laughter, I still get that crushing feeling of, “Oh, no!  They’re laughing at me!”, even though I know that 97% of the time, it’s got nothing to do with me at all.

The other 3% hurts. Most of the time, I’ll either: (a) try to ignore it, (b) pity those malicious people for being so insecure that they need to put-down strangers to feel better about themselves, or (c) join in, because the situation really is funny, and freaking out won’t help me.

My favourite example:  I spent half an hour walking down the Vegas Strip, oblivious to the 4-foot “tail” of toilet paper trailing out the back of my trousers, until a mortified female security guard came out of a store and pointed it out to me…and that people had been taking pictures and laughing, but making no effort to alert me to my “tail”.

What did I do?

I burst out laughing, tossed away the “tail”, and continued on my merry way, giggling as I thought of the fun I’d have telling this story. The poor security guard looked at me as if I’d escaped from somewhere, and fled into the store.  But, really, what else could I do?

And by laughing at myself, I went from being the butt of the joke to being the one in control of the situation. (“I MEANT to do that silly thing!”)

That’s why a lot of bullied kids turn to comedy: It’s a power-trip!

And because you have more fun if you’re not afraid to look ridiculous now & then. (Right, @Rick?)