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@sdwa – Thanks for the thought. I have often daydreamed about what I would say/do if I saw him again. But most of those involved me either being a successful artist or writer. Which I am not.

Did I mention that he was my art teacher….No, I didn’t. I started out in general level art but I didn’t like it and decided to move up to advanced. All the teachers argued with me and tried to stop me from doing it, but I finally ended up in the advanced class taught by the department head. And he always resented me for it.  On the first day I chose an oil/acrylic brush to paint with watercolours and he told me if I couldn’t tell what a water colour brush looked like I didn’t belong in his advanced class. I used the “wrong” brush every time I painted with water colours after that, just out of spite.

I got that kind of attitude a lot from the advanced teachers. Which was ridiculous because the only reason I took courses at the advanced and general levels was that I didn’t have the confidence to take them at the enriched level, where I should have been for most of them.

When I was in college I wrote an essay on the benefits of mainstreaming in the school system.

I have never had a career and gave up on the idea a long time ago. But I have recently changed my opinion on the subject. I can’t do most of the things I always wanted to now, but there are a few options that are still open to me. And I have to try. The alternative is just too depressing.

sdwa, it might help if you sit down and list each of your skills and all of the related jobs you could possibly do with them. And then pick the ones you think you would enjoy doing the most. And those painting skills might not be helpful when it comes to a regular pay cheque, but have you thought about trying to get your work exhibited? Or maybe renting a booth at an arts and crafts show?

I have to stop now because this is way too long and All in the Family is on and it’s too distracting. I haven’t seen it since I was a kid. It’s still one of the best. 😀