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@sdwa Well, I have no experience with art galleries or anything like that, which is fairly easy to see. I was just brainstorming and trying to come up with something that I thought might be helpful. But obviously you have been there and done that and don’t want to do it again.

I do understand about the cost. It is so expensive to buy even the most basic supplies. I decided to save money by making Halloween decorations and so far I have spent enough to buy the things I am trying to make. And that is with using mostly recycled materials. And it’s not even an actual art/craft project. I am just slapping it together and not worrying about the details because no one is going to look at it for more than 2 seconds anyway. I keep thinking I should have just bought them. But then, that wouldn’t have been as much fun. And I have come up with some really cool things along the way, like spiderweb lanterns, which I am going to put all around the porch with LED candles in them.

But I’m getting off topic. My teachers were not the brightest crayons in the box for sure. And I actually did prefer the effect that the stiffer brushes gave me with the watercolours. I don’t like watercolour. I prefer a more crisp line and bold colours. I am not much of a painter though. I was always more interested in sculpture. But the teacher warned us off sculpture at the beginning of the year, saying that they didn’t have the supplies so anyone who chose sculpture would have to be responsible for providing their own. Well, my family didn’t have much money, so I decided I better not do that. But one girl did choose sculpture. And he fell all over her, bent over backwards to provide her with everything she needed, even building a stand for one of her sculptures himself and showing it off to the whole class…..I was not impressed.

Oh, and I just remembered one other thing that he did to me. He was looking for volunteers to paint the scenery for the play that year. They were doing The Wizard of oz, which I love, and I was so excited I had my hand up before he was done speaking.

So I was sitting there with my hand held high and he looked around the room and said “Anyone? Are there any volunteers? Anyone? “. Like I was invisible. Finally he looked at me with a disgusted look on his face and said “anyone besides _____”

A couple of others reluctantly put their hands up and he wrote the names down and said they were still building the set and he would let us know when it was ready. And I waited, and waited…..and I thought to myself they better start decorating it soon, they don’t have much time left….And then one day I walked by the stage doors and looked in and there it was. A completely decorated set.

You know, it’s no wonder my self esteem isn’t the best. Especially when it comes to art. I have never really seriously studied art since high school and I rarely try to actually do any work. And when I do I never finish it. I think as soon as someone invents a time machine I am going to go back and slap that teacher myself. Anyone else who wants to come along is welcome. 😉

Getting back on track…..I understand perfectly what you mean compatible values. It is very important to do something that you can feel good about doing. And it is hard to find that. And I think the idea of doing a boring job like accounting is actually very good. And it’s something you can do from home so you don’t have to deal with that corporate environment. And you can work on your creative projects on the side so that you can take the time to do them the way you want.

There I go, telling you what to do again. Sorry, it’s a bad habit. But it is actually exactly what I have been thinking of doing. Except for the accounting. That would be horrible. But I am thinking that I would do better having a boring job that doesn’t require any creativity and then I can follow my muse on my own time. And I am also thinking  of working at home. I can control my environment that way and don’t have to deal with the totally repulsive social environment. 🙂