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Tiny House – yeah.  I looked up “gypsy wagon” pictures and saw some great renditions.  You could get a horse and use him for a methane generator to power you house along with a solar cell panel on the roof when he is not needed to pull your house.  The manure would also be good for your compost pile for the garden in which you would grow all your food.  Put out a sign “Fortunes Told” and you could tax deduct the whole thing as a home office as well as generate income.  You could advertise a free tour with every fortune.

I had a horse once.  Kind of a half ton sourpuss.  She had a filly we called “Little one.”  Little one grew up to be bigger than mom.  One time after church, my daughter saw Little One lying down asleep in the pasture.  She went up, grabbed a hoof, shook it and said BOO!  It was so funny, the horse freaked and couldn’t get up quickly enough, ran a short distance, turned around and looked at my daughter as if to say “Are you crazy?”

I realize none of this has to do with setting up desk space, but – you understand.