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Hi @profph, you came to the right place. 🙂

Sounds like your student has pretty severe ADHD. And I agree he probably isn’t medicated. Or at least not on the right meds.

He is an adult and therefore should be taking responsibility for his own actions.  So for the problem with disruptions in class I would suggest talking to him directly and telling him that his behaviour is causing difficulties for the other students. Remind him that they have their own difficulties to deal with and that he is making it harder for them. That may be enough to quiet him down a little, though the others will also have to understand that he can’t really control it.

As for getting assignments done…..I never did so I don’t know how. But I saw something somewhere today about a new strategy being used for children with ADHD where the teacher gives them daily report cards to help keep them on track. I thought it sounded like a great idea because it is hard for people with ADHD to focus on the future.

So my suggestion for your student would be to break his assignments down, if you can, and give him shorter deadlines. Make it so something is due every two days or even every day. The only time I ever sat down and finished an essay was the night before it was due.

That’s all I’ve got but there are lots of others here who are more experienced and will be able to give you much better advice. 🙂