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sdwa – the Welbutrin only tipped me off that I had ADD, I still use it mostly for depression, but my doc gave me 10mg Ritalin 3x/day and just this week he switched it to to 10mg Adderall 3x/day.

I’m having horrible withdrawal without the Ritalin, had to call in to work today and the Adderall seems to be doing very little by comparison. Honestly I would like to take both, but if I ask for an increased dose, or God forbid two controlled substances which happen to treat my disorder, I obviously just want to get high.

That’s too bad that the medications didn’t work very well for you besides Concerta. I can’t imagine going back to life before Ritalin. It’s so horrifying to think about not being on these medications anymore. All my progress, all of my ambition, all of my dreams and hopes which I am building towards could instantly downsize, or disappear entirely if I was off medication for even just a few months or a year. I really hope you can get some meds that work for you.

blackdog – good for you to try to get on Ritalin. I think you will like how it helps you.