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Yeah! I’m careful around electrical wiring outside and around the house too. They all have magnetic fields and frequencies. It was suggested that a TV in the bedroom was a no no, especially if it was closer than 25 feet from your body, even if it was outside your bedroom but close to the wall where your head is; supposedly it interrupts your natural magnetic field.

I get enough interruptions from inside my head, why take chances?

The cool thing is that the heart has a larger magnetic field than the brain, and when two people hug making sure that their hearts are as close together as possible, (fully clothed) that the hearts will adjust to each others pace and beat, and the combined magnetic field will actually generate a warmth or glow that can last from 15 minutes to an hour after the embrace ends, and that it has health promoting effects that last much longer.

If you’re a shirt pocket guy, empty those pockets first.

Heart energy, as my doctor calls it. He’s not one of those new age doctors but he is a forward thinking one. He has managed to avoid affiliating himself with one of the big hospitals, so he still has time to actually sit and talk to his patients. Unfortunately I can only afford to see him on rare occasions, but he is worth the money.

Well it’s way past my bedtime, nighty nite!