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Hello Techdog,

One of the things I have gotten very good at, is finding jobs. That is because I have been let go from so MANY!

I don’t know your situation, but one common thing I see on a lot of resume’s is the candidate puts up EVERY job they have ever had, since college. That works, when you are under 30, but not so much so after.

Put up the last 8-10 years. Use the extra space to really cover the relevant experience you have, that would make you a fit for THAT job. At 57, you have experience. You are a mentor. You don’t need to be taught how to do the job, just how that job fits in the company. DO NOT include your birthday, or any other piece of information that would allow them to pre screen you out.

Look at the resume as a fishing lure, and you are trying to get a phone call or interview (a bite). The resume is not an autobiography, or a detailed history of Techdog. DON’T LIE! You want to convey the message “You want to talk to me, because I am the solution to your problems”. Which you are.

What works for me is: At the interview, stick to answers which explain your accomplishments using the S.O.A.R method. the Situation, the Obstacles, the Action, and Results. That makes a short two sentence example to answer almost any question they can ask. It also lets the interviewer know you know what you are doing. For me, it keeps me from rambling.

Remember. Interviewers are basically clueless on how to run an interview. We aren’t. Why? If you are anything like me, you have spent your whole life looking for jobs.

OH! Another thing: ADD/ADHD gives us a positive attitude and lots of energy. Let that show, when you are talking to them. They can hear that energy.

Hope this helps.