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Patte Rosebank
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@Robbo, today, I had an amazing private character voice lesson, by Skype Video.  I played with some of the characters lurking in me, and I already have several that will be great on my demo.  And my voice teacher thinks that I’m such a fascinating, entertaining, quick-thinking talker, that I should have my own radio talk-show! (Yes, but is the world ready for that?)

And I left my parents a voice-mail message as one of those characters, which was so convincing that they haven’t called me back to say, “Why did you leave us that weird message?”.  If I can fool my family, then I know I’m completely in character, and my disguise is perfect.

Plus, I found out that the 10:30 pm to 3:00 am shift I thought I’d have tomorrow night, has been cancelled.  The money I’d have made would NOT have made up for so severely buggering-up my internal clock, blood sugar, and brain-functioning, by staying up far later than I have in over a year.

And, of course, I am VERY grateful for being a part of the TotallyADD community!

Which reminds me…

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