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Okay, well that was definitely an ADD moment. More like an ADD hour…

When I was typing my comment I Googled Lorde to make sure I was spelling it right. And it came up with “Lorde Royals Lyrics” and I thought well, I have been meaning read them. I was having difficulty making out a couple of lines when I listened to song and I remember lyrics better if I read them.

That led to an article about some blogger who accused Lorde of being racist because according to her the lyrics are obviously about black people and rappers.

So then I read the lyrics over. Then I went and looked up this blogger and read her article. And I decided that she was way off base. And I decided that I wanted to tell her so. But I had to register and log in to comment. Then I typed out my comment and went back and edited it a few times. Then I decided that it was too long and I had included things that were really off topic so I deleted half of it. But then I really did want to include some of what I said so I went back and typed another paragraph. Then I edited again…..

And now I am left to wonder: WHY? Was it really that important? Was it really worth that much of my time? Couldn’t I have just let it go? And wasn’t there something else I was going to do?

Yes, there was. Before that I was  halfway through cleaning the fridge out. And I was doing laundry. And working on my craft projects. And tidying up the the living room… 🙄