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Never heard of him either, but have a feeling that if I listened to him at all, I would instantly despise him. But I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. LOL.

Quite seriously, I don’t think a motivational speaker has any business addressing the topic of ADHD. No one should be talking about how motivated any of us is to manage our ADHD, or about the type of attitude we should have.   No one has the right to judge MY level of commitment, interest, willingness, concern, sincerity, etc.

People who try to do that come across to me as self-serving, manipulative, selfish, toxic, and fundamentally dishonest. Successful people who have ADHD often try to dump these guilt-trips, judgments, and snotty “straighten up and fly right” attitudes on other ADHDers who may be struggling – which suggests to me that they feel insecure or fraudulent about their success.

Others seem to feel fine about making money at the expense of the vulnerable.  These are the ones who will tell you you’re not “ready” to deal with your ADHD if you can’t afford expensive services, or they’ll claim their services are expensive because they want “serious” clients , and try to give you some line like if you were serious, you’d pay them money you don’t have. Sleazebags, charlatans, and major league wimps who don’t have the balls to ask for what they need, so they blame other people.

Anyone blathering about motivation is immediately on my list of suspects.

Wow. Don’t get me started, right? Pet peeve.