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@Scattybird I know what you mean. It doesn’t really matter how much it needs to be done. In fact, the more important it is, the more likely I am to procrastinate. For me,  focusing on the reasons I must make it happen doesn’t work. If anything it makes it worse. But don’t let me spoil your motivation. If it works for you great.

I’m not really sure what does work for me. It’s like I suddenly just wake up and start taking care of all things I’ve been putting off. And sometimes it makes me wonder if I really do have ADHD. Why can I do it today if I couldn’t do it yesterday? I have to try to figure that out.

I was having a really good day today. I wrote a to-do list on my white board last night and even though I slept late I was ticking them off one by one. But then I had a set back. And I completely lost focus, wandering around the house talking to myself. Didn’t even get out to do the grocery shopping until nearly 5 pm and took an hour to get supper ready when I got back. And now I am trying to convince myself to get back at that list but I’m not succeeding.

@sdwa You could say that it’s one of my peeves too. I hate being told that I just need to try harder. Just like I hate being told that I should go to bed earlier, set my alarm 15 mins early, set my watch 5 mins fast, tell myself that I need to be there at 8:45 so I’ll get there by 9:00…..

What time I go to bed doesn’t make any difference, I already set my alarm an hour early, and if I set my watch 5 minutes fast then I will just have a watch that’s 5 minutes fast. I really have never understood how that one is supposed to work.

I don’t really mind some motivational stuff. I guess it depends on the tone it is presented in. If it is just being positive for the sake of being positive, just “feel good” stuff it’s okay. When I feel like I’m being targeted and told that I’m wrong and the other person is right then it’s not okay.