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Supper power well I thought it more of a wierd gift of burden but yes supper power is more positive.once again blck dog we have the same story. Lovely to experience another who is much more like another me in some ways rather than similar. Since I was 16 I would have people of all ages telling me their wows and very personal information without me asking. With no deliberaty,in my mind in seeking information. is this a word?, From bus stops, shop customers, shop owners, social events and work environments, colleges an clients.during their conversation they will say. I dont know why im telling you this I normally wouldnt disclose, ending with big thankyous for my listening. Im often told i should be a councilor.My experiences are from younge to old of many different demographs.in my chosen proffesion it has been benificial and the last teacher I worked with I told her of the oddity. She experienced it first hand a number of times and was quite taken back as to how it happens. My mother told me it was her lot in life and its something you have in you that others see. You will have it all your life so you need to learn to cope with it. My daughter has this too and it started for her at a younge age with friends and stangers.i told her the same as my mother did me, explaining its a privalige and information should stay with you and not passed on or youll create problems foryourself. So I listen and I clarify what they have said and boost their short comings eg confidence and worth. I leave greatfull for what I have and happy to have helped someone along the way. I feel people and know them without words. I can judge a charecture visualy without verbally conecting. I am never wronge. In a matter of secons to minutes I know if you are good or bad or evil. Within these categories are degrees which I feel on an emotional level.weird I know. The stronger it feels the scarier it is for me. I know I have felt very evil scarry people who have done terrible things this really upsets me.  mostly men some women. These ones Are mostly people I encounter on the street. I remember two men which I felt the need to confront head on with eye contact not backing down from gaze untill he did. One left the beach after 10 min of constant gaze from app 10 mtr away during my daughters nippers morn. The other moved on while I was in a public place where many gathered thats all I can remember of that one. I can be in a physical proxcimity and feel happiness saddness or evil in degrees . This is un nerving thing not that this happens often . On going around oz with hubby some year ago we visited many places an I had it a lot then.old buildings graves prisons war sights. Some times I had to leave as the evil which is very stronge gets intense.  No I am not religious nor crazy. Bloked it out as a young 20 yr only in my 40 s aloud it back in as was too much to cope with. Now in my 50s can accept its part of me. I have been told by some I have met I have a strong heeling precence. I do not go in for readings and such having strong beliefs in the sciences and facts. These are my true facts. Take it or leave it.