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I think a lot of us have a depth of intuition that isn’t necessarily as prevalent amongst the linears.

I am not sure why – it might be linked to our sensitivity or maybe we are more observant than linear thinkers. I know that in meetings I do more people watching than I do listening to the drivvel on the agenda.

I have noticed that my boss often specifically asks my views about candidates for jobs – he acknowledges my ‘gut reaction’ to people which is interesting.

I can’t say I have felt evil particularly, but I know in seconds whether someone is nice, creepy, has a metaphorical knife that will be lodged in someone’s back, etc. (At least I think I do – guess it’s just my perception, but that’s another argument.) But then again I have an exceedingly linear colleague who is equally intuitive about people. Maybe it’s a male/female thing too to some extent? So I have noticed when candidates for jobs are interviewed at work, the men tend to look at the person’s CV and abilities but the women also look at how that person will fit into the team from a personality point of view too. No point in having an excellent person job wise if they are likely to cause disharmony and spoil the productivity of everyone else.

Either way, I do think the emotional sensitivity of ADHDers is real. Whether that emotional sensitivity is a positive thing or a cross to bear depends on the situation I suppose. If it’s intuition then it’s positive. Being the kind of person that folk gravitate towards with their problems can be rewarding if we can help, but we also have to be careful that we don’t get emotionally overloaded.

OK – before Filmbuff chastises me for missing the point I’ll list some positive personality traits (I can’t call them superpowers no matter how I try – but actually I do see the point in trying to be positive about ourselves. It is easy to be dragged down by the frustrations of ADHD and we need to try to lift our self-esteem and be proud of who we are):

Can empathise, caring, loyal, will go the extra mile when needed, can appreciate beauty whether that’s nature, art, music etc., will stubbornly keep at something until it is done, good sense of humour.

That was hard to do……maybe self-deprecating should be there too…..and judging from the number of times I have edited the typos in this I should add perfectionism as well! 🙂