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25 and ready to be diagnosed…..

25 and ready to be diagnosed…..2010-03-06T13:47:46+00:00

The Forums Forums I Just Found Out! I Suspect I Am 25 and ready to be diagnosed…..

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    First of all, hello to all and THANK YOU!!! I have so many posts and I feel as though I FINALLY have a reason to see myself as something other than stupid and lazy.

    I didn’t even consider ADD before I became a teacher and now I am seeing that the signs have been there all along. I go through a number of “break-downs” a year when I feel as though I’m drowning because I can’t seem to organise myself, get the basics over and done with, or find contentment with my job. I’ve always wanted to do well and know that I am able to, but I’ve never been able to focus myself or organise myself enough to make that a reality. At 25 years old, I already feel as though I’ve missed out on so much and I hate it.

    Now, I find myself in a job that allows me to move on a day to day basis (in the classroom), but it’s the paperwork that I can’t deal with. Between long-term teaching plans (just the name freaks me out) and sitting down to write up 25 report cards, I feel as though I can barely keep my head above the water and continually wonder if I’m in the wrong job, despite the fact that I LOVE being with those kids!

    Any teachers out there?!?!?!?! How do you make this work????

    I have an appointment in a few weeks with my physician and I’ll finally be asking for a referal..I’m bringing in the online tests (that I pass with flying colours) and I’m hoping that I’m on my way to finding happiness! :)

    Again though, THANK YOU so much to all of you! Hearing everything from the internet browsers and multiple bookmarks, to the incessant thoughts, to lacking the ability to focus, I feel as though there ARE people who understand me.


    P.S. I would LOVE to write a blog about this journey, but my 18 blogs have never seen more than 3 posts…for some reason, I can never manage to stay with them ;)


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    Hey Daniel. Welcome to the forums! Like you, I just recently found this place – a community of people who are just like me. I wonder if you thought your way of handling things was just normal for you, and that you just had to try harder? That was the case with me. Never realized that other people actually process and think differently than me. I truly thought I was just not trying hard enough to keep everything in perspective and focussed. So annoying isn’t it?

    Anyway – glad you’re here!


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    Hi Daniel! Welcome! I am 28, and was diagnosed last summer, and it has changed my life. I am in school (occupational and physiotherapist assistant), and I work as an adapted aquatics instructor at a children’s rehab hospital. As such, I run into a lot of the issues you mention – long-range lesson plans (for the programs I head/lead instruct), day-to-day lesson plans, report cards, and disability reports (our internal documentation).

    I’m not going to lie – even though I’m on Ritalin SR, this area isn’t one that I excel in. In fact, I’m just finishing up the week of “report card due dates”, and I only managed to get 1/5 days in on time. I’m very lucky that I’m really good at teaching – it makes my bosses much more tolerant of overdue paperwork – and I’ve been open with them about having ADHD, so they understand that this is a legitimate problem area for me. This was easier when I wasn’t in school too (or was bombing at school, which amounted to the same thing – more time for report cards), but as this is going to be the next few years of my life, I’m working on it.

    What helps me is having a friend (volunteer ADD coach) who tries to help me stay on-track/kicks my butt when I’m not doing what I need to do. Also, I’ve asked my bosses to help me set mini-deadlines for things, so that I’m not just focused on the big deadlines. Lesson planning has become easier over the years – how long have you been teaching? I’ve been in this field for ~4 1/2 years, and the lesson plans that used to take an entire (painful) evening to create now take only a few minutes (I’m sure the Ritalin helps with that too).

    I am eager to hear ideas from anyone else who chimes in on this thread!

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