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30, extremely disorganised and probably still in denial!

30, extremely disorganised and probably still in denial!2011-03-18T16:38:00+00:00

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    Afternoon all,

    Having been diagnosed with adhd about 2 weeks ago, I thought that I should try and find out as much as possible about the condition.

    I have been reading through the forums and have definitely seen some very familiar traits coming through, disorganisation is my speciality and any kind of dance music with a repetitive beat gets my complete attention! (I remember the 1st time I heard dance music back in 1993, I nearly wet myself with excitement)

    I am wondering how those of you with 0% organisation skills have coped? I am awful, and I mean truly awful. As described, I am 30, self employed in the UK with a coffee and sandwich shop which needs lots of good admin organisation skills! I am trying to get myself into a good routine when i close the shop to do all of the work that needs to be done, but my brain goes on strike every time I contemplate doing anything. I have even been known to do housework with enthusiasm when I am supposed to be working, which is totally not me. Is it just a case of doing it over and over again until it becomes the normal thing to do, or do i have to give myself smaller targets to aim for?

    A small problem I have had since I was about 15/16 has been drugs, mainly weed. I used to really like progressive house (sasha & digweed, deep dish, etc.) and going out clubbing, and did quite enjoy mdma/extasy… I have been winding down with smoking for the last 3-4 months, ever since my doc said it was a pre requisite! I have had the occasional ‘accident’ but after 12+ years of the same habit and not being a big drinker I accept that it won’t be an over night transformation. I appreciate that most folk wont be too forthright with a sensitive subject, but is this quite common too?

    I guess that i am still denying that i am anything other than normal, while fully knowing that normal doesn’t exist! I have been given straterra to take, which is supposed to be 30/30 am/pm. Has anyone else found that it makes you utterly confused and spaced, while still making you feel jittery and give you rushes like when you take illegal substances listed above? it really freaked me out to the point where i made a member of staff quite upset because i got completely stuck on the most basic of tasks, saying hello to a customer. I didn’t know who was next, and all i got was blank faces staring at me! I dropped down to 10mg and have since moved up to 20 in the morning and 30 later in the afternoon. I am a bit concerned that the doctor is just letting me experiment and self medicate, but i have got used to self medicating over the last few years!

    Anyway, sorry half of the contents of my brain fell out onto the page but i guess i wanted to see how many people out there were similar!

    Thanks for reading, any comments would be sweet.



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    My daughter is also a dabbler in all substances exotic. Her complaint with Straterra is that it didn’t have any high function. She said it made her feel like she wasn’t her anymore. Have you cut out all the exotics while you are taking the ADD meds, because this could be why you are feeling a little spacey. It is like taking anti-depressants and gulping them down with a bottle of Jack. Still going to feel depressed, still going to feel spacey but is either what is going on with the meds.

    As for the evening routine print out a checklist and make sure the absolutes are done every night. Food put away, counters wiped down, doors and windows locked, money either deposited to bank or locked away after counting. A quick wash of the floor is also needed so you don’t get pests. Then you can have an extras list for when you are feeling more present. Since you have staff maybe you can appoint one of them to take the lead for close up so that the absolutes are completed. If counting the cash and entering this into the ledger then get one of your trusted staffers to do this. But do spot checks to make sure that they are being honest. Keep a tally list in the kitchen for items that have to be ordered and either set a time to make up orders or again ask one of the other staffers to take the lead. This means that you can see yourself as a superior delegater instead of a slacker who is failing to complete everything. Good Luck. :-)

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