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41 and I get it now

41 and I get it now2012-09-25T22:47:15+00:00

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    Wow, what a lot to take in. 41 and now realize what has been holding me back all my life. Scary thinking about it. What would have been. Well, I usually stop my self there. I have a very understanding and patient wife who is also now re-evaluating her beleifs.

    I have been reading all the books (like 12 of them) for a month and a half, but just got diagnosed yesterday. Waiting lists really suck when you hate to wait! I have an appointment with my MD tomorrow to talk prescriptions. The psychologist has sent recomendations as my MD isn’t terribly well versed in ADD. I have GAD as well.

    Any comments (taken with a grain of salt of course) to the benefits and drawbacks of starting with a stim or starting with an SSRI first? I have a feeling that a lot of my anxiety will go away if I could get out of the clouds, but I’ve read it’s dangerous if you should really be on an SSRI as well and only take the stim.

    Thoughts anyone? I’d like to do it the right way. Psychologist suggested SSRI first and stim when signs of progress show.


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    Not sure. I do know for my self I take both an anti-depressant as well as Adderall. I do low doses of both since I’m sensitive to medication.

    But I can respond to that it is all lot to take in. I’m in my forties as well and as you poke around here you’ll find there are a lot of us in the 40’s age bracket. Great that you have an understanding wife. My BF has been great with learning more about ADHD and can recognize a little in himself. It really does make a world of difference to have a partner who in on board with the diagnosis. SInce I’ve found out and learned more and more about how I communicate it really has taken a lot of what could have turned in to arguments into things we can solve quite quickly. Me being late all the time was a big one.

    I too have anxiety but not GAD. A lot of it comes from the ADHD of not getting things done or forgetting stuff. But taking both medications really helps me with the anxiety part.

    Don’t know if that helps. Welcome this is a fun place to be.


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    I have GAD as well, and my GAD & depression were treated first and then ADHD as my doc suggested.

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