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A Mother's View of ADHD

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    The following is part of an email sent to me as a result of an article I posted on ADHD. The sender is a single mother with a son diagnosed with ADHD. I was so moved by her words, that I asked her if I could share them with the members of this web site.

    “. . . looking from an evolutionary aspect, who is to say, that this phenomenon of highly energetic individuals [diagnosed with ADHD], which is growing in numbers, is not yet, another higher level of evolution of mankind!!

    In observing my son, I believe that the biggest challenge for those with such amazing amounts of energy is learning to live with those without. Second challenge is being boxed by others to do what they consider to be for their best interest [parents/school teachers ]

    I have found, listening and helping him connect with those things that he loves most and turning these into bigger goals has been my biggest breakthrough. He is so much more settled and far more focussed than most kids his age. He does get distracted, however he is young and I act as his pa :-)

    The way I have learned to address distraction and other challenges is to put both family goals and personal goals in the context of where we are, where we want to go and what we want to experience (goal setting but a heavier slant on emotions and feelings). I make a point of doing this every six months. Once I have our goals in place we forge a routine around it and life becomes easier. One thing I noticed which really helps with making the routine enjoyable and not something which has a [HAVE TO DO Slant] is by way of reflecting on what happened during the day, a little like journaling and a breakdown of use of time during week days.”


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