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A short story (written by myself!) representing denial of adhd in children.

A short story (written by myself!) representing denial of adhd in children.2019-10-03T21:27:33+00:00

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    There is nothing wrong with Anna.
    A poem about denial of adhd in children.

    Tiny dancer, thin as can be,
    My little Anna is so much like me,
    Bouncing, fidgeting and chattering all day,
    People ask is Anna ok?

    She’s just an energetic girl, I swear!
    Then, she starts to rock on her chair,
    She’s such a bright child, but she can never sit still,
    It would be so nice if she just knew how to chill.

    School reports show lack of focus,
    But I know it’s a bunch of hocus pocus,
    Teachers warn of academic decline,
    But there’s nothing wrong with Anna she’s fine!

    Getting through Anna’s homework is a hard slug,
    Anna, can you sit still so I can give you a hug?
    You are not getting good marks, my patience is wearing thinner,
    And for the last time Anna, finish your dinner!

    You are in high school now Anna, you must pay attention,
    Why has our relationship developed such tension?
    All you do is nag me all day,
    School is boring, I hate it, get out of my way!

    She is out of control, what can I do?
    Her friends seem a bad influence, and she’s quite often blue.
    She’s impulsive, forgetful and doesn’t pay attention.
    All of this time it’s been too hard to mention.

    She is driving now, and often gets fines,
    It’s hard for her to even stay in the lines,
    She just always seems to be away with the fairies,
    And her mood, well, that always varies.

    The hospital is busy I have been waiting for hours,
    The only nice thing about this place is all of the flowers,
    They say she just drove straight off the road,
    The car was a mess and had to get towed.

    The doctor appears and sits beside me,
    I glance at the nurse, making a cup of tea,
    Anna is stable but in a critical condition,
    We think we can save her, that is our mission.

    The tears appear and start to roll down my cheek,
    I’m afraid Anna will be here more than a week,
    She is lucky for be alive, he puts his hand on my shoulder,
    The rain gets heavier and the room gets colder.

    I walk in to the room, there she is, my baby girl,
    When I see her injuries, I feel I could hurl,
    It’s ok baby we will get through this, we will,
    My darling Anna, who could never sit still.

    The Doctor smiles and writes a script.
    This should help, but let me give you a tip,
    ADHD is nothing new,
    But so many people consider it Taboo.

    Untreated it can lead to a chaotic existence,
    But with treatment and love we can help her go the distance,
    Have her take one pill every day,
    It will help her focus and keep chaos at bay.

    Anna do your homework…. Oh, it’s already done,
    I have done the dishes too, now I am going out for a run,
    Ok my darling, I will see you when you get back,
    Please watch out for snakes on the track.

    She smiles, waves and out the door she goes,
    I pause for a moment and think back to the lows,
    I shouldn’t have ignored the signs for that long,
    I thought she’d grow out of those quirks but I was wrong.

    Wow, Anna is doing so well, teachers now say,
    She is going to achieve great things one day,
    There must someone looking out for us from above,
    Because she is still my little Anna, the one I know and love.


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    This is great! Did you write it? Can we use it in a blog post one day? Thanks for posting it here.

    David (Rick’s amazing assistant)

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