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A theory about what's crashing threads? posting links to google search results

A theory about what's crashing threads? posting links to google search results2012-06-24T05:20:40+00:00

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    I just made up a random topic to search this site for using google. Maybe with the google adds here, the added complication of analyzing, categorizing, and customizing the adds to this sort of thread just freaks out the google software. I’ll bet it’s really complicated for the software to figure out what adds to place on any particular thread, especially if it has to consider a bunch of search results inside it’s own database. I’m no advertising executive, I’m just trying to think like an advertising programmer with OCD ADD tendencies. And a little creative liberty allowing me to add the Matrix sort of reality scenario to my little pet theorem. Putting a link to a google search might be Kinda like the way Neo and Morpheus used to outsmart and outwit the Matrix programs and/or mainframe… Accept it’s just not on purpose in this case.

    I wonder if some of our symptoms are contagious to even highly sophisticated software programs, some of them, like the massive google OP/mainframe could be on the verge of self awareness and self awareness leads to becoming self conscious, just like a teenage going through puberty!, zits and all… Hey yeah!, huh? Could it be the google adds that are messin with this web site?. Like an angry teenager vandalizing just because it’s feeling rebellious?… Just something to think about you guys…

    Imagination’s one our most excellent attributes, that I think may be part of, or maybe a result of living with ADHD. Mines really running wild with this idea, huh?

    Life with ADHD is still very painful sometimes, I’ve been really trippin lately. Life has thrown me some nasty curve balls. When we get through tough times, I think maybe we learn lessons better, now that we’re taking closer to the what might be the ideal medications. We come out of a “funk” a little bit stronger, less lumped up, and pick up new, more tailor made coping skills. I think the new coping skills in my case are because I spend tons of time here reading at “UC TotallyADD”. Hmm. Well, that’s a Ca. University name. So maybe we could call this place “UCAN Totallyadd”. For University of Canada. Make sense? Ya gotta admit, tons of education happens here. We grow, we act like immature college kids a little bit, and some of us end up finding ourself in new and much better careers as a result of coming here.

    I actually considered going back to school just this last wed. It just hit me out of the blue. I just need to get a little bit more of a grip on reality and I’ll be good to go, huh?

    Oh, BTW, here’s the link. That would be perfect if I forgot to post it huh?


    Heeere goes…


    If this works then my theory will just be shot down and we’ll have some fun old links/threads to read from deep in the database of the totallyadd blogosphere… I know this isn’t a real blog site, but sometimes I find some long winded posts that seem a little bit bloggy.

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