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    Hey Guys. I am poking my head out after being in a manic state the last few days. One of the things I obsessively thought about was how much ADD really does suck, but a thought came to me.
    Maybe nothing in the disorder itself is positive but maybe being forced to really deeply examine ourselves can have positive traits. So many people go through life only doing the things they have been told to do. Maybe ADD gives a nice spin to that aspect of life. Always having to really think about what you love because if you don’t the effort will not be there and it will not work. Instead of fitting a round peg into a square hole by changing our shape we are more or less forced to really examine ourselves and dig into the way we feel and the things that we really do care about. Maybe if we didn’t have this challenge we would be just smart enough to get through a job that we hate and yet be good at it.
    Just a random thought that calmed me down midst the craziness that is my mind.

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