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    I am presently in College for the second time at 43. I have struggled with ADHD for about eight years now. I had a hard time in High School. I also had a hard time in Paralegal School (some how I made it through). I am back in College for the second time. I thought it would be easier this time. I am struggling with my Anatomy class. I withdrew the first time due to poor grades. I dont feel very confident even though I am diagnosed now. I alway’s feel stupid when tests are returned. I have a hard time testing, what do I do?


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    You can probably get extra time for tests by seeing the department for students with disabilities. This is very common. When I was in university I had a friend who had dyslexia and she was able to get extra time on tests and assignments. You have to have an actual psychologists letter though.

    Also have you researched study skills/methods? i went back to school as an adult. ALthough at the time I had no idea I had ADD, I did realize my previous methods were inadequate. Luckily I found this great book called The Master Student which I think was largely responsible for my success the 2nd time around.


    I highly recommend it for anyone going to school.

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