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    I’m 57 and have lived with this all my life. I get comments on how slow and disorganized I am. I am obsessed with my performance with everything and always feel disappointed because I feel as if I am never performing well. I’ve had many jobs. I am an emotional sensitive. OCD about a career I can’t seem to ever find. When I learn, I seem to learn in pieces that don’t connect into one sysinct flowing picture. Then all of the sudden much later the pieces fall together. Then it’s like. Oh so that’s what you mean! I feel like working with people is one big fat struggle after another and going nowhere fast. I’m so miserable. I feel like people talk about me and I’m missing the point or idea. I have depression and anxiety that is being treated but not the ADD/ADHD. I’m not stupid. I am artistic and creative. But I feel so beat down right now, I just don’t know what to do. Your thoughts? I want to find where I fit in. I just feel lost.


    Does anybody even read in here?


    It does seem a bit quiet around here doesn’t it? I’ve myself just registered.
    47 years old and almost everything you said describes me very closely. It’s almost scary to find others experiencing such similar life challenges.

    Like you for years I’ve been treated for depression (diagnosed Bipolar 2 – but I’m not convinced) and crippling anxiety. My latest Psychiatrist is the first to test for ADHD after not seeing good results treating those other symptoms, and started to look for an underlying cause they’ve been missing. Started on Ritalin and it seems to be helping a little and on some days my anxiety reduces a bit. Part of the issue is I spent all my time with the professionals talking about the anxiety and depression as I thought they were the big issues, and all these other things was just me being a loser. It may just well be that the ADHD is the underlying cause.

    Have you asked your health professional to try medication for ADHD to see if it helps? And if they won’t can you go to someone else?

    Regarding the career, yes that’s such a hard one. I was lucky for the last 8 years to be in a job that was full of micro-chaos – short in duration issues that needed decisive dealing with, and I found that suited me perfectly. Prior to that and unfortunately now (due to redundancy) I worked in roles that require planning and long projects that don’t really grab my attention. And I fail almost every day, which reduces my already low self confidence. Because I’ve seen what works for me with the “micro-chaos” I’ve decided to start looking elsewhere for that type of role – and the industry it is in will be secondary. Even though this may involve a big drop in pay, I know for me having the right job that works with the way my mind works is critical for helping me with my self worth. Previously I thought having a high paying, high profile career would be what would help me with that self worth. In the right job we can be AMAZING! In the wrong one…

    Maybe we should make a list (or perhaps there is one here already) of jobs and careers that seem to suit the ADHD mindset? I think something like that would help me anyway.

    All the best with your continued journey with this and I hope things improve.


    Just happened upon this site today. I feel like I’m finally putting some puzzle pieces together. I’ve been diagnosed with depression and anxiety for over 20 years but nobody really addressed the inattention and disorganized symptoms. I’m 58 with a background in mental health. I feel like I should have known. It has lead to countless disappointments. I feel now that it is probably the root cause of everything else. I also suffered a concussion as a kid and wonder if that has contributed to this. And now menopause. Oh boy! I’m just now researching and I’m on Vyvanse. My dose is getting upped because I don’t feel much different on it so far. Thank God I’m not alone here!


    I find the site having given me great hope but, where I am mentally now… I don’t comprehend the so called, “happiness”,that comes with knowing. I’ve been diagnosed, am seeing a wonderful councillor,(that I trust), no medication. At 60 yrs old, I figure I’m damed forever… or sooner. I am so damned lonely, frustrated and discouraged… physically/mentally broken.

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    Wish you well🙏 At least we have somewhere to start our understanding of the disorder… even if we got a late start 😂
    As for the menopause, my wife has a having a terrible time with hot flashes… hope your spouse “understands” the process… it’s important to both know😮
    Best of all to you 🙏

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