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    I’m cautiously on the fence about whether to get back into dating. I’ve been badly burned last year. and I had a bad experience with a boyfriend a few months ago. I grew so bored with him that I was crawling out of my skin!!! I find out later that he is faking whom he was in order to be with me…but I suppose I am losing my point.

    oh yeah..what is my point again…

    one of the reasons why I am hesitant is because I am very easily bored with men. I tend to always like them during the first few dates. Meeting new people and learning about them is kind of thrilling at first…then…..it gets boring. not my girl friends, but men to date. They usually tend to like me. Then I end up juggling multiple men whom I all find boring..then feel end up feeling bad or not listening to my instincts and continuing to date them. Makings for a mess? right?

    here is a line from my profile:

    -must be entertaining. yes, everyone thinks that they are entertaining, but the average person is well average. I get bored easily. I will be bored with a laid back easy going go with the flow type of guy. Quiet nights at home are ok in moderation but I tired easily of the “what do you want to do?” game.

    what is my question here? i have no idea..for discussion?

    I can’t reach my doctor and I’m running out of meds. Must save them for work. I don’t really notice a difference in my brain, but I am noticing a huge difference in my output. I have seriously been sitting around all day with no motivation..feeling kind of anxious..eating sugar and chewing gum >_<.


    @sugargremlin, keep looking. I met my wife on a plane–how awesome is that? You never know when you’ll find the right person, but you’ve gotta keep hitting your head against the tree until the coconut falls down.


    on a plane? now that is super unexpected!

    no coconut trees in arizona lol. I do get your point =P thank you =)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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