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ADD and Fibromyalgia – came across a website

ADD and Fibromyalgia – came across a website2013-03-31T08:29:56+00:00

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    Hey ya’ll,

    Just wanted to share this with you – I came across a personal website from a woman who struggled with Fibromyalgia and links it with ADD.

    Just thought this might be interesting for those who may have fatigue, pain, etc. Fibro-ish symptoms along with their poor concentration, lack of motivation, etc.

    The website is:


    There are tabs at the top – the “FMS/ADD Connection” tab and the “Treatment” tabs were really interesting places to start.

    Particularly the “connecting link” of Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction under the “FMS/ADD Connection” tab (click the first link under that tab to expand) was interesting to me, as I have been diagnosed with “POTS,” the acronym for Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, which fits under the umbrella of dysautonomia (which is the word for dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system!).

    I have thought for a long, long while that all of my ADD/POTS/PMS/OCD etc. acronyms stuff was related…and now I see at least one other someone does too!

    Anybody else have this stuff going on?


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    I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in the 1990s, got sertralin, because I also developed a depression; found out about adhd in 2000 and was finally diagnosed in 2016 and got ritalin adult. With sertralin and ritalin the pain got less and my depession is better under control. A couple of months ago I tried to reduce my sertralin dosis to 1/2, but after two weeks my pain increased so much, that I had to go back to the full dosis.


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