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ADD-aware/friendly solicitor or legal mediation services in the UK?

ADD-aware/friendly solicitor or legal mediation services in the UK?2019-02-06T17:49:43+00:00

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    Hello all – bit of a braindump of information by way of an introduction!

    I’ve been recently formally diagnosed with adult ADD.

    I currently face being kicked out of a house I bought 100% and my partner lived in
    for 8 years until 3 years ago, because I misunderstood the implications of the deeds.

    It’s all very sudden, and frightening, and timed to hurt me most as the person trying to do this has found out that I have a new relationship and am trying to grow a new business venture.

    The attachments, from a brilliant book called “ADD Stole my car keys” (everyone should have a copy!), explain what you probably already know, which is that people with ADD have problems with legal documents.

    I am already on the case with the obvious things like
    NFM/mediation etc, but these things take time and I thought a
    specialist that understands the mental health issues might be better. I have found current solicitors to be not too helpful, insofar as they say, basically, “well, her name’s on the deeds, so you’re stuffed”.

    I do realise that this forum can’t give actual legal advice, but any pointers or ideas would be hugely appreciated.

    Aaanyway… the addendum to the deeds makes it VERY CLEAR that the deeds to the
    property were drawn up in that way so that “in the event of marriage”
    [b]and[/b] “in the event of anything happening to [me]”, it would pass
    without due let or hindrance of tax etc. We were never married, and I’m still
    very much alive.

    I would quite obviously NOT have signed them if I had understood the implication that the addendum apparently means nothing, and had assumed that no solicitor would have suggested something which was ultimately harmful to his client.

    But given that it was a solicitor who advised me to draw the deeds
    up that way, and given the addendum/attendance backing that up, I feel
    that I have been both advised badly, and have a case to fight on a
    mental health (ie: ADD) basis. It’s surely the job of a solicitor to guide and best serve their client through the legal quagmire.

    Her solicitor is saying “doesn’t matter that she paid nothing or however you understood it, it’s in
    her name so cough up”, and gave me two choices: raise £50k within 21
    (now 6) calendar days, or he’ll force sale the property and divide it

    As this basically gives me no choice but to sell the house either way, this would kick both myself and my 8 year old son out of our home
    since his birth, where he lives 50% of the time, and where I also have my sole source of income (small recording studio).

    Her solicitor takes extremely long to reply, and seems to be just
    letting the clock time-out on the 21 days.

    So, I need a UK solicitor that understands the ADD implications and can help me fight on this basis – not much has turned up from Googling!

    Any advice appreciated

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