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"ADD is just an excuse"

"ADD is just an excuse"2014-09-17T09:08:06+00:00

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    Familiar words anyone? I find that now that I have been diagnosed and I am taking meds for my ADD, if there ever comes up an instance where my g/f has asked me to do something and I have totally forgotten (happened all the time before the Dx too), when I say “Hun, you know I have troubles with that. Please write stuff down”, she gets angry with me and tells me not to use excuses. She’s INCREDIBLY supportive, let me say that unequivocally. Yet, because everyone around us also claims themselves “terribly forgetful so I have it too!”, when we legitimately have difficulties remembering the everyday, mundane chores or items, it’s seen as an “excuse” if we bring up ADD.




    Oh, incidentally, I was at a friends house on the weekend having a drink with everyone and I mentioned to the guys that I was on Ritalin for ADD, they laughed….. Laughed. Not in a mean or judgemental way but even worse; in a dismissive, unconcerned way. Shame. It really is a case of “if I can’t see it broken, it aint broken at all”.


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