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ADD*ADHD and Higher Levels of Intelligence

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    well MerryMac I like the way you think

    in the final lecture of the series Dr J used to do at CAMH, he always talked about the upside of ADHD, and I’ve heard him say many times that if he ever needed a cop, a fireman, or a paramedic, he would HOPE that person had ADHD – that’s the thing that REALLY sets us apart – we’re the only ones with a cool head during a crisis

    it’s the REST of the time that we get in to trouble – certainly true in my life :-S


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    ! BuxomDiva!

    : )

    My father was an OPP officer and my brother worked for a time driving an ambulance….

    I bet Superman and Batman were in our tribe!


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    One comment before I get onto my original thought – people can’t multi-task. That’s a management thing. They believe it, they invented it to get more out of their minions, er, uh, employees. It’s simply not possible for the human brain, ADHD or otherwise, to multitask. Studies have shown that for each new “task” you take on while doing another you forget or can’t recall something like 20 or 25% of what you just did. For each task added, say 3 instead of 2 tasks, it goes down pretty dramatically. Multi-tasking is a myth made up by bosses and managers. Some of the studies can be found online.

    >>I spent public school in a gifted program, but it wasn’t until after 40 that I was diagnosed with ADHD so school was hell for me<<

    Yeah, that’s me.

    I was trouble in grade school – ya know, all the usual ADD stuff, but when the school – and my parents – were finally concerned enough to pull in an expert – the “school psychologist”, they gave me an IQ test and a bunch of other tests…….the result of the meeting:

    Doctor to my mother “doesn’t it scare you”?

    Mother (shocked, puzzled, confused) “what do you mean, doesn’t what scare us”?

    Doc – That you have a son with such a high IQ?

    Mom and Dad, proud, but wondering what’s that got to do with anything – “Not surprised really, but where is this going”

    Doc – “the problem with your son in school is all because he’s so highly intelligent he’s beyond all this and he’s bored”

    So, the official diagnosis by a psychologist – I was so “intelligent” that I was bored with ordinary school work, most of which I knew already (well, a lot of that is true – my Dad’s aunts used to babysit, and one was a school teacher, and I could read and do math before I even went to school)

    My mother is highly intelligent (if not at times a bit misguided if you get her into certain conversations and politics) as are my sons. The youngest was diagnosed with ADHD and had some real troubles. The meds helped, but he didn’t stick with them. The other – very smart, very.

    Me, trouble in school – but something I liked, I aced with little study (I never did homework – I can’t recall really doing any at all) I did poorly at math, even though I liked it. I stunk at English! I aced “survey of American Literature” by skimming the books, just glancing, picking up some key points. Never read one of the books the whole class, but passed every test on each book.

    Shop classes – that’s where my REAL gift came out. I was running a small engine repair shop by the time I was 16. I bought my first care, and repaired it, when I was 14. I didn’t have to take the intro mechanics classes, but instead did “special projects”. In the final senior auto class, I was chosen to participate in the Plymouth Troubleshooting Contest – and I got a perfect written score, was first in with the repaired car, in the fastest time, and set a record on points that wasn’t broken before the discontinued the contest 3 or 4 years later (Chrysler, money troubles, etc.)

    Straight As in college (auto mechanics), deans list. Got my first job after college by short interview, and showing the service manager what was wrong with the car he was trying to fix – glanced that the scope, told him what the problem was with the car – and he hired me on the spot.

    It’s similar at work now – I can solve problems that have perplexed even the senior staff for days – or longer.

    I’m great to have around in case a virus hits the company computer network………. I thrive on such things and can work very long days non-stop, taking command of the situation and getting folks going the right direction.

    I could go on but I think I’ve already proven parts of my symptoms! LOL – rambling!

    Maybe I don’t prove there’s a connection between ADD and intelligence, but I believe I support the thoughts on it. You’d never disprove the connection by using me…………


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    Again your reading from my book…. I have had that conversation repeated to me.

    I stunk at writing until I took AP English my Junior year in high school to impress my girlfriend, then I got it.

    I did drafting instead of shop, and have really succeeded in it, solving problems. I lost a VICA Drafting contest in high school because I made the drawing perfect, (the key was simplified).


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    Ah, the VICA contests – I took drafting for a year or so (still have the drafting stuff – yes, REAL pencils and compass and french curve (uh, the type used for drafting)

    I never was great at it – tried to hurry too much. When I “applied myself” I did get some A’s.

    I did small engine and automotive in VICA. Also took electricity and electronics (back when most circuits were transistors and ICs were just coming of age) I was the only non-senior taking electronics. Same for HS chemistry – it was supposed to be a senior class, I took it as a sophmore. Did badly I think because the teacher relied almost totally on memorization.


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    I’m actually giving a practical final in a hand drafting class right now. I should be grading portfolios, but have spent 3 hours on here.

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