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Adderall doesn't make me focused

Adderall doesn't make me focused2018-08-03T05:43:34+00:00

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    I tried adderall a while back, alza 54. I took it because I was told that it made you foccused for a while, and i bought two pills during my exam period. I took the first pill a week before my exam to see how it affected me. I was really excited to see how the effect would turn out, especially with my hobby (I make electronic music on my laptop), and As soon as I got home from school I swallowed the pill and sat down by my computer. While I was making music, I had an enormous amount of excitement and felt really passionate with my work, however I felt no difference with my concentration. I worked on my beat for about six hours and went to bed. When I was studying for my exam, I had the same feeling, excited about my work, but like I usually do when i study, I constantly lost focus and did irellevant things. I was unsure about the pills’ potency and asked a friend who also had taken the drug, he said he had never been more focused in his life… Did the drug work as it should, or was it just the placebo effect playing me? Is this a sign on ADHD?

    -Unsure 17 y old

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