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ADHD and High Sex Drive – Is this just me?

ADHD and High Sex Drive – Is this just me?2019-05-21T08:29:09+00:00

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    Hi guys,
    I’m Bub and I’ve been officially diagnosed with ring-of-fire ADHD for 2 years now, however, I have been showing extremely strong signs of having it ever since I have been young. I wanted to ask this forum for help about a subject I am REALLY struggling with.

    A very high sex drive.
    I am in a long term monogamous relationship with someone I love dearly and who really takes me for what I am. For that, I am forever grateful. However, he has an extremely normal sex drive, and that is all fine and well but it has a tendency to kill me when he doesn’t want it every day. Most of the time I feel rejected, frustrated, angry and seriously low.

    Why is this happening? Can someone please explain the biological and psychological implication of having ADHD in regards to the matter?

    Can someone please recommend or suggest a way to deal with it? Supplements, ways to reduce libido, strategies ect.

    I would be forever grateful for any help as it’s the only flaw in our relationship.
    Thanks, Bub

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