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ADHD And Strict Parent

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    Hello guys, I’m new here and I have tons of questions that I hope I don’t forgot to list. I’m 25 years old female, currently pursuing my study in engineering and development.

    First, I think may have ADHD, but when I went to a psychologist she said that I don’t. She said I had a problem with my emotions. Her report wasn’t that clear and thorough because I grew afraid of her assessment and avoided coming back. I was so confused when she said I may not have ADHD, then what I am? And I was also so scared to know the reason behind why my iq dropped drastically when she tested me. My iq goes from 130 something to 108 fyi. Should I come back? Or should I go to a doctor(psychiatric) instead of a psychologist?

    Second, my dad used to be so strict and a harsh typical asian parent when I was a little. Physical punishment was just my usual consumption when I misbehaved. I remember once when he almost push me down the stairs when I tried to fight back. Does this have anything to do at all with my ADHD symptoms when I was a child? Could it be that my fear of getting beaten with my dad’s leather belt suppress the ADHD symptoms that I have? Because the psychologist also interviewed my parents about how I was when I was a little. And she said I show no signs of having ADHD as a child.

    Third, If this is not ADHD then what? I have all what I think I needed to be diagnosed with ADHD. I’m inattentive, impulsive, and my mind could go crazy if I had nothing to think about. I feel like the symptoms are getting worse as my dad strict behavior slackened. I’ve always had my teacher say “You are smart, but lazy.” or “You are smart, but you don’t try hard enough.” And when I was pursuing my bachelor degree my professors has always loved my first design, but then disappointed with how I developed the plan. Oh trust me it’s hard enough to focus when I’m just not interested anymore. And I feel like no one around me understand it. And I feel so bad for disappointing many people who trust me and hoped in me.

    They say your relatives has to have an ADHD to to prove that you might be. But I lived in a third world country that think depression is just because you miss your prayer and forgot about your god. And I might be the first in my whole family (including cousins, uncle, aunt) to tried to go to a professional help for my mental health.

    Fourth, I’m sorry for my bad grammar. I’m not an english speaker. Thankyou for reading and replying. I honestly have more, but I forgot what they are.

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