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ADHD History, need information regarding Government help

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    ADHD History

    I’m new to the forum, but certainly not ADHD and all the other
    fun stuff that comes with it.

    To start, I am very spiritually connected which is why I think I
    have ADHD as people have always told me, “I see things that most people
    don’t see”, I think outside the box, LOL there is no box for me.

    I was diagnosed with ADHD, a non-verbal learning disability, and to boot
    I am on an anti-depressant as I run the risk of suffering from anxiety/depression,
    & I have a now stable thyroid condition after 13 years. I have actually had to
    become almost an expert in reading body language just to get along in every day
    scenarios constantly watching for things. Some times even then, I still miss
    things and make people feel uncomfortable.

    I was diagnosed at around 3 years old, and re-assessed in 1998 with the
    same results. I still have the results from 1998.

    At one point I was on Ritalin in grade 5 through 7, and I was actually doing better
    in the sciences and mathematics. When my father moved me to Montreal in 1990 from Ontario,
    after I finished grade 7, the first thing the doctor did was take me off my med’s
    which she said I would grow out of and it was better to be off them as research in the early
    90’s was showing. Boy were they all wrong for many people LOL.


    I really didn’t want to go off my med’s but it’s what the doctor ordered. So the next
    two years in school, all the same patterns started to repeat themselves, trouble in math/science,
    but did okay with B grades in some courses, and miserably failed in other courses. I was lucky as
    I was the last group in 1996 to graduate without the need for math or science.

    As a kid, I was made fun of and was chubby as I ate my emotions even as a teenager.
    I was also made fun of. Luckily, I turned a healthy corner and started eating better and exercising.
    I still didn’t find out about my thyroid condition until I was 20 and it was hyper active at that time
    requiring RAI treatment which caused a lot of weight gain back in 2003. I actually had to stop
    working my job at the time. I guess this is what the anxiety/depression is that we suffer from
    which I wasn’t getting any help from as I didn’t know what was going on.

    It has always been hard to make friends, and meet girls when I was younger. But what was strange,
    when I was older, in better shape, I didn’t have trouble meeting women before my wife, I still
    continued to have trouble making friends. To this day, I still don’t have anyone I could call a
    “REAL” friend. I’ve let many people go who either took advantage of me, or didn’t really “DO”
    anything for me. I’m sure many of you can relate to this.

    At one point in 2009, I ended up taking a combination of Concerta & Ritalin which
    greatly improved things in my life. All but work of course, I still had trouble at work.
    I had just lost a job which I had schooling for in Network/IT support. That job I lost was in
    2008. I had lost two previous jobs since graduating in 2006.

    I had a different job in 2009 to 2013 working for a food distribution company. I had to sign
    up with an “agency” that supposedly helped people “like me” get & keep their jobs just so I
    could continue working for this company. I had to agree to let them talk to my doctor.

    The funny thing is, at almost all of my jobs, I was in fact doing many things properly & made
    some mistakes along the way which is normal. What was funny is, the companies would cause me
    more problems when the customers were not complaining. They just could understand it as most
    of their other employee’s without ADHD were always making mistakes and this made the managers
    angry that “I of all people was doing things properly”, making their “star employee’s” look bad.

    Of course I am always hesitant to tell a manager upon hiring or even put on online applications
    that I am some one with a disability. I automatically assume that they will simply over look
    me from the get go and not even get an interview.

    At this point in my life I’m still on an anti-depressant, but off my ADHD med’s as I am functioning
    much better without them. I am able to do Calculus and physics equations without my ADHD med’s at
    this point. I also have practically an Eidetic memory. I can recall things from when I was 3 years
    old, people I’ve spoken to, exact details of conversations that most would not recall. I can remember
    directions etc..

    What has helped my ADHD a lot is having a healthy diet eating 4-5 small meals a day, vegetables, greens,
    fruit, lot’s of water, a lot less junk food, exercise 3-4 times a week, 7-8hrs of sleep a night, and
    most importantly a loving relationship with my beautiful wife.

    What brings me here today is help regarding disability from the government of Canada and whether or
    not some one like me would qualify.

    I had a major burn out last year after my Mom died after a long battle of illnesses.

    We have just moved back to Ontario and currently have family doctor’s. I spoke briefly about this
    to my doctor, and she said I probably wouldn’t qualify as they can treat it with Ritalin and so on.


    I just started working for a major computer company back in November, I was getting 80’s and 90’s
    on my test scores required to continue working after training. I never thought I was capable of
    such marks. To boot, they were without any ADHD medications what so ever.

    I thought for sure working here in Ontario versus Quebec would be different and I left my past behind
    me. To start, statistics Canada shows that it can take up to 6 months to learn any job and perform

    My current job only gave you a month to be performing, they also wouldn’t listen to the quality of
    calls, they just looked at whether or not an employee number would fall below a line on their spread
    sheets. I was told I was doing better, made some mistakes along the way, no coaching was offered to
    me that was supposed to have been. I was given no warning, just taken outside the office right before
    my 3 month probation was up.

    I had great customer satisfaction along with great survey’s which didn’t seem to make a difference.

    I have a doctor’s appointment this week and I’m going to be having a serious talk with her about this
    news. I’m coming to the conclusion that I don’t fit into any professional environment big or small.

    I am asking for some information, I know the doctor won’t be able to make the decision for me, but what
    can I do to at least pursuade her to get the process started? I can’t keep going through life like this
    getting fired every 3-12-24 months.

    The government of Ontario said we made too much LOL to qualify for disability due to my mother’s estate
    which is a few hundered over $1,000 and my wife’s salary. Like everyone we have bills, the Ontario government
    told me to go with the Canadian Government as they don’t look at income. I don’t know if this is true? As
    my doctor said they do look at income.

    I am also asking what needs to be done to get this process started?

    I have too most recent letters of termination from my most recent employers. I have some grades from Cegep,
    and trade programs. Would I need proof of documentation from the University I was at in Montreal for 3
    months that showed I failed out?

    I’m just looking for some guidance so I can be prepared for my appointment this week. I’ve been trying to
    find things on the web, but just find those scam companies which want like $20, 000 of whatever the government
    gives you. Some people have even had to pay back as much as $15, 000 due to the scamming of these companies.
    I want to go the legal way.

    Thanks to those who can weigh in.


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    Hi @adhdj, welcome to TADD. 🙂

    I haven’t finished reading your post yet but I had to stop and comment on a couple of things.

    1) ADHD presents differently in adults and therefore can still be present when it seems like it is not. For example, what used to be hyperactivity is now just a restless feeling, like you want to be doing something all the time. Also, we learn coping strategies and are better able to control our symptoms.

    2) An employer has absolutely no right to make you sign up for any special program or force you or your doctor to divulge any information about your disability as a condition of employment.

    3) Your current doctor is wrong. ADHD is a recognized disability. So are depression and anxiety. It makes no difference that they can be treated. It may not be easy to qualify for support and there are a lot of hoops to jump through before you get it, but you certainly can apply. If your doctor will not cooperate I suggest asking for a referral to someone who specializes in ADHD and getting him/her to fill out the necessary forms.

    That is all I have time for at the moment but I will come back to read the rest of your post and add to mine if I have anything else to offer.


    It sounds like you called Social Services and they told you you don’t qualify for support due to your income? Or did you go for an intake interview? Did you receive an application package? I’m not sure where you are at in the process.

    The cut off for receiving Welfare in Ontario is $1,000/month.

    For ODSP, it’s a little higher because 50% of your income is exempt. As a couple, your maximum allowed asset level is $7,500, meaning you can’t have more than that in the bank. Your house and one vehicle don’t count as assets. You may be able to have a second vehicle if you can show there is a need for it. If you have any investments, such as RRSP’s or life insurance policies, you will most likely be required to cash them in and use the money from them to live on for however long it lasts before you qualify.

    The inheritance issue is a tricky one. But if the inheritance is only around $1,000 it should only affect your eligibility for the month you received it.

    The only other requirements I know of beyond financial is that your disability must be expected to last for at least one year and you must have exhausted all other options, such as EI. Also, you must apply for CPP disability and be turned down before you qualify for ODSP. If you qualify at the federal level then you don’t qualify for support at the provincial level.

    I doubt that you will qualify for CPP disability because you are capable of working. They don’t consider that you have difficulty finding or keeping work, only if you can or can not.

    This is all based on my experience and there may be options that I am unaware of. There is no harm in trying to apply. The worst that can happen is that they turn you down.

    As for what you need to apply, you don’t need any of your employment records or stuff from school or anything.

    For Canada disability you need to get an application form from Service Canada, fill it out and send it in.

    For ODSP you will need to phone your local social services office and schedule an intake interview. You will need your ROE from your last job, bank statements and pay stubs going back 12 months, info on any other investments you have, any debts you have, your rent/mortgage, all your assets (deed to your property, car ownership etc.), last year’s tax return……And probably a few other things I have forgotten but they will tell you when you make the appointment. That’s all for the financial aspect of it. For the medical, you will need to get a package which will have a form for your doctor to fill out and one for you to fill out. You will mail that in along with copies of any assessments that have been done, which your doctor should provide for you along with her completed form.




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    I am not familiar with how our “Neighbors to the North” work the whole disability thing.

    One thing I don’t EVER do is tell employers about my ADD/AS. Even those are recognized disabilities here in the US, I am afraid if they knew, I would be constantly looking over my shoulder.

    Employers here have a surplus of talent. They are always trying to find the most experience for the least amount of pay, and they are looking for any excuse to replace people.  I try to do as much as I can, making the least amount of mistakes. Since I don’t make waves (any more), I am the star employee!




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    Thanks for the replies especially blackdog’s reply.

    As I mentioned, I was already turned down by the Ontario government due to income level and my inheritance was too high LOL to allow me to get it.

    I understand that they will only look at the fact that I am “capable” of working.

    But getting fired every so often whether you are on ADHD medication or not, that has to count for something?

    Being able to keep a job is what the problem is. Every job I’ve had, always results in the same thing whether I’m on proper ADHD medication or not, I keep getting fired or harassed based on my performance.

    Wouldn’t this be enough? I mean, what are you supposed to do if you can’t keep a job due to this disability?


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    That is the $64000 question, isn’t it?

    So it seems I misunderstood. I didn’t realize you had already been turned down due to income. That sucks but the Ontario Disability Support Program is supposed to be a “last resort” so they only accept you if you’re flat broke with no other options. Except of course  for the all people who are cheating to get support when they don’t need it as we speak. But that’s another issue.

    I agree with @shutterbug55. Don’t disclose your disability unless you have to. And if you do, make sure you do it carefully. Put it in writing. And then keep close track of everything that happens and make a record of every communication with your employer. And consider making a formal request for accommodation if it looks like it might be necessary.

    Also, you need to brainstorm and figure out why you keep losing your job. Pinpoint where your weaknesses are. And then start figuring out strategies to deal with those things specifically.

    My number one weakness is punctuality. I was born late and never got caught up. I have a few coping strategies but nothing that works long term. So the solution I have been brainstorming lately is to either work from home or at a job where punctuality is not so much an issue.


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    That is the $64000 question, isn’t it?

    So it seems I misunderstood. I didn’t realize you had already been turned down due to income. That sucks but the Ontario Disability Support Program is supposed to be a “last resort” so they only accept you if you’re flat broke with no other options. Except of course  for the all people who are cheating to get support when they don’t need it as we speak. But that’s another issue.

    I agree with  @shutterbug55. Don’t disclose your disability unless you have to. And if you do, make sure you do it carefully. Put it in writing. And then keep close track of everything that happens and make a record of every communication with your employer. And consider making a formal request for accommodation if it looks like it might be necessary.

    Also, you need to brainstorm and figure out why you keep losing your job. Pinpoint where your weaknesses are. And then start figuring out strategies to deal with those things specifically.

    My number one weakness is punctuality. I was born late and never got caught up. I have a few coping strategies but nothing that works long term. So the solution I have been brainstorming lately is to either work from home or at a job where punctuality is not so much an issue. [/quote]


    Yes I was already turned down as my monthly inheritance is slightly more than what the Ontario government would consider. Plus my wife works, the point being we need another pay check as we are trying to clear up some debts we accumulated living in Montreal. Quebec is one of the highest taxed provinces, and even with decent salaries, you can still run into trouble. For example, once a year for your license (I forget what fee it actually is called), you get charged $237/yr. Part of it goes to public transit even if you are some one who never uses it.

    As for my weaknesses, I’m told especially in Quebec, that I make others look bad (“star employee’s”) as I do my job (whatever it is properly). They didn’t like it that there was nothing to complain about me when micro managing. So they’d start “making things up” to try and make it miserable for me.

    I never let that get to me, I could always tell that they were more fatigued than I ever was trying to make it miserable for me.  This was at my job in Quebec that made me sign up with L’Arrimage. They were never around to help me by the way when I needed it. It was mostly for the employer’s interest. Whenever I called for help, they told me I would have to “work it out on my own” which of course I already tried.

    The most recent job I had was in a call centre, I had 100% customer satisfaction rating in my first few weeks. They only give you a month after training “to get up to speed” with their standards.

    Statistics in Canada have shown that it takes up to 6 months to learn a new job.


    What I was battling at this job recent job since November 2014:

    – You are expected to keep a 12 minute call handle time
    – You are expected to stay on the line with the customer
    until the problem was resolved even if it went over 12mins

    – Your After Call Work is to be no more than 2 minutes even
    if you have to send emails of articles/information to a customer
    including documenting all of your notes

    – Coaching was supposed to be offered when mistakes are made
    (I was never offered any, nor were other people)

    – Constant internal software glitches including the phone system
    software along with the “Hard phone”. I complained constantly as
    it would add extra minutes to my calls, would have to restart the program,
    call the customer back.

    But all the Team Leader’s & upper level support (who had trouble with it themselves)
    would say is, “Oh well you’ll have to work around it, they won’t be fixing it any time
    soon”. Things as simple as pulling up a customer’s account would cause glitches.

    I explained to them that finding work around’s adds at least an extra 3-5 minutes, but
    that made no difference to them.

    – I was always punctual for the most part of a few seconds some days in between breaks

    – You were expected to stay after your shift ends no matter how long it takes to fix the call.

    – You had to work every other weekend with an extra hour on each day

    – Only 1 paid 15 minute break

    – Benefits after 6 months, dental 12 months

    – 10 unpaid sick days, they used to have 10 paid sick days, then down to 5 then none

    – If you are sick at work or have a family emergency and leave even 1hr early, they would
    charge you a sick day


    In the end despite all of this, I had between 88.9-100% customer satisfaction rating, along with very good survey’s. It’s obvious they were just following a spread sheet that I “fell below the yellow line” for the items I mentioned above and never listened to the actual quality of the calls.

    As for weaknesses I’ve managed to find coping mechanisms over the years being quite spiritual. I’m almost always punctual unless it’s something out of my control like an accident on the highway (I’d always call if that was the case), I always ask for help or new information if I need it, I’ve over the years learned it is better to admit to my mistakes or lack of knowledge, I am always out going, honest, do the right thing, always do my best at whatever job I’m doing.

    Like I said, what this does to your confidence is awful, I feel that I’ve tried everything and I have exhausted all resources. At this point in my life, ADHD medication isn’t as effective as it was due to my mostly healthy diet/exercise regime. The medication these days actually make my ADHD worse believe it or not.

    I know there is a lot to do when applying for disability, but I’m wondering if a Lawyer would help in any way?

    I just feel I’m at ropes end, and have no where else to turn. I had dreams in my life that I feel I haven’t been able to accomplish along with goals due to this.

    There has to be something, think about my earning potential that I’ve missed out on, like I said I at one point wanted to go to Law School then after I met my wife Kinesiology as I wanted to be a trainer.

    I knew it wasn’t in my path as I was able to do Calculus and Physics equations at home with not much trouble, but I would always fail the exams. Then, I’d take the exams home, do the questions and check the work and I’d be right. That’s how I knew it wasn’t my path. I was on ADHD medication at that time back in 2009/10 while working as well. The med’s didn’t help me with exam room settings.

    So you can see my frustration at this point in my life.


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    I guess what I’m looking for here at this point is, if there is anyone here who is in a similar situation as me  (I know every case is different) who was successful in acquiring disability?

    My other point is, I would much rather be working that sitting on disability. I’ve tried for the past 16 years to make a life for myself with and with out medication. The medication made a huge difference in relationships, organizing things, and around family.

    I thought they were making a huge difference at my last job in Montreal which I was at for 3 years. But they still always harassed me (everyone), micro managed, and when they could find nothing wrong with my performance, they’d make things up LOL.

    Then it got to a point where my new diet eating more raw leafy greens, veggies, fruits, and healthy fats caused the med’s to have an opposite effect. I was functioning better without the med’s.

    The biggest difference for me was scoring 80’s and 90’s on tests at work, being able to do things like Calculus (outside a school environment, would fail exams).

    Any how, thanks again to everyone who shared their information or knows of a success store with disability.

    I see my doctor tomorrow, I’m taking her my termination letter. I’m basically going to tell her that I can’t do this anymore, I don’t know what else to do what else to do, I’ve tried ADHD medication’s in the past and despite my family/wife seeing a night and day difference in me, they did not make a difference at work.

    I am going to say that I can’t keep a job and this is no good for my confidence, this is no good for depression/anxiety, or the health of my relationship with my wife. I am going to tell her that something has to change and I need your help.

    I will ask her for a referral to another doctor who deals with Adult ADHD if she is not experienced with such things. I’m basically going to tell her that I feel I’ve exhausted all resources and this is the only other option, I can’t keep going through life getting fired every 3-24 months.

    So if anyone has had success acquiring disability and thinks that I’m going about this the right way with my doctor, I’d be grateful to hear.

    Thank you all


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    Whether or not it is the right approach will depend on your doctor.

    As for success in getting disability, I’ll let you know when/if it happens.


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    Hi adhdj,

    Hope you are doing well and have found some more fulfilling employment and a supportive medical team.  If you are still looking to how to apply for Canada Disability the following YouTube Video may help, Canada Disability Tax Credit Seminar – YouTube.  This is over in BC and is currently held in April.  You might find your local MP or MPP giving this seminar.  Now I do recommend finding your local MP or MPP to discuss with them of your situation.  Hopefully they can assist with you finding the proper people to assist with your situation.

    Now if you have other Chronic conditions then it will be easier to qualify because the other conditions can increase the problem(s).  This is my situation with is now at a count of three conditions, ADHD, LD and now Crohn’s.  Thus I have considered the same thing as your self to get on Disability.  Also thinking this way due to my current work situation.

    Problem I have is that I know I do not qualify for Disability at the moment.  Worse yet is they will give me more boring jobs which only make the problem worse.  Reason is I have a Masters Degree but a majority of the job applications I look at have anti-ADHD requirements and many of the Management teams will have no desire to put in the assistance.  In addition I will need some more industry experience if I want to do consulting.

    If I am going to go on Disability the plan is only after I have exhausted EI and I know that getting further education is not possible.  In the mean time I am going to continue to pursue my career and not let it get to me.  Seek help and do my best at where ever I am working.  As I see it it is there loss that you are not working with them.  You also might look at, if still available, seek a Government of Canada Research Grant, just an option.



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